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Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French Kiss  - Stephanie Perkins

This was a sweet little read, one of the better YA romances I‘ve read. Set in Paris it centers around Anna Oliphant whose parents drop her off at a boarding school in Paris. Although I didn‘t find it wholly believable that parents would do that without more motive than to widen the teenagers horizon and then scoff because the aforementioned teenager had gotten snobby because she started drinking decent coffee.

Besides Anna‘s parents reasons to send her to Paris I would have liked Perkins to put a little more stuffing into the characters. Obviously Anna and her main love interest get the most attention but there were other characters, involved in the plot or subplots of their own, which seemed a little one dimensional. For instance, the mean girl in school is apparently just mean because there is a mean girl at every school. The only thing I know about Anna‘s best friend is her name, that she likes big words and that she plays drums and considering that she is involved in the main plot I would have liked to know her and her motives a little better. Other characters are similarly plain and could be described simply; the artistic slacker, his girlfriend, the girl who enjoys soccer…


“The only French word I know is oui, which means “yes,” and only recently did I learn it’s spelled o-​u-​i and not w-​e-​e.” - Anna and the French Kiss


Anyway, Anna is in a foreign city, far away from home and doesn‘t speak the language, naturally she is freaked out. Thankfully she finds friends soon who help her break out of her shell. While I get that Anna was in a foreign city and a bit freaked out but she was remarkably uninterested in her surroundings and scared to venture out into the city on her own to explore. Having been in Anna‘s shoes I can honestly say that Paris isn‘t quite that scary nor confusing. If you‘re afraid of getting lost Anna, buy a map. Unless you‘d rather wait for some hot guy to take notice of you and show you around personally. Suit yourself.


“Boys turns girls into such idiots.” - Anna and the French Kiss


Naturally some love triangles ensue, this being a teen romance novel. Of course the main love interest has an English accent. Don't they all. It‘s a little more than a love triangle however, or two, and naturally results in drama. It was a little too much drama for my taste but then I backtracked and remembered what it was like being seventeen/eighteen and everything seemed like the end of the world.


“Seriously, I don't know any American girl who can resist an English accent.” - Anna and the French Kiss


The book was well written and I enjoyed it but it didn‘t really surprise me much, it was pretty predictable from beginning to end.

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