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A Red Herring Without Mustard

A Red Herring Without Mustard (FLAVIA DE LUCE MYSTERY) - Alan Bradley

“I have no fear of the dead. Indeed in my own limited experience I have found them to produce in me a feeling that is quite the opposite of fear. A dead body is much more fascinating than a live one and I have learned that most corpses tell better stories. I’d had the good fortune of seeing several of them in my time.” 

- Red Herring Without Mustard


Flavia is back with a new mystery. After accedentally burning down a fortune-tellers tent during the church bazaar she invites the woman to camp on the grounds of Buckshaw. During the night Flavia wakes to find an intruder in the living room, and later after having shown him the door takes a midnight stroll to visit the woman’s caraven to see if she is alright and finds the old gypsy woman in her caravan unconcious from an attack. Flavia acts quickly and summons a doctor. Later she decides to visit the crime scene of the crme for a bit of snooping, Flavia’s specialty, where she meets the woman’s grand-daughter and invites her to stay at Buckshaw because the caravan can hardly be safe with the assailant still on the loose. On their way to the main house Flavia discovers a body, non other than the nightime intruder whom she found in Buckshaw’s living room. Flavia takes it upon herself to solve the mystery of the gypsy woman’s attack, the death of the nightime intruder as well as the disappearance and appearance of two fire dogs with her usual brilliance.


“How very kind of her, ' I said. 'I must remember to send her a card.'
I'd send her a card alright. It would be the Ace of Spades, and I'd mail it anonymously from somewhere other than Bishop's Lacey.” 

- Red Herring Without Mustard


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